Science researches

Adjustable DC voltage ADPS-15

(DC power supply circuits and active-active nature of the inductive voltage of 50 to 150 V)

Adjustable DC power supply ADPS-15 is designed to supply direct current circuits active and active-inductive (incandescent, fluorescent lamps with throttle power, starters, DC motors, etc.), with voltage of 50 to 150 V (set by the operator) . In the case of power loads with a capacitive character on the input, you may need to install the device on an output LC filters.


The automated wood drying system

(provides automatic drying wood, timber condition monitoring, energy savings, remote management over the Internet)

We have developed an automated system for drying wood, allowing to reduce the duration of the drying process without degrading the quality of the wood.

System features:

  • drying in a short time;
    Continuous monitoring of the status of timber in the stack, allows you to change the rate of drying, depending on the actual speed of drying lumber
  • energy savings;
    Drying unique algorithm to optimize the energy consumption for the type of wood and thickness, which is in chamber
  • eliminate the  «human factor»;


An adaptive algorithm for compression of speech signals

(new adaptive codec, which allows to significantly reduce the flow of data transmitted with a slight deterioration in the quality of the reconstructed speech at the receiving end)

In most modern applications that use voice transmission over the Internet data applied parametric coding algorithms (CELP, ACELP, LD-CELP), which can significantly increase the speed of transmission of speech information due to deterioration. One of the main problems of these methods of coding is to choose the most effective method of compression transition, voiced and unvoiced segments. There are many methods of solving this problem, but so far none of them provides a high quality MOS (Mean Opinion Score), due to incorrect encoding transient segments.


Protection against hacking microcontroller firmware

(Special technology allows to prevent reverse engineering and hacking microcontroller firmware)

There is the possibility of obtaining confidential information about the program executed by the microcontroller through the analysis of current consumption. For example, it is possible to narrow the secret encryption key search range for DES algorithm. This vulnerability is particularly critical in payment systems, electronic purses, access control systems.


Wawelet dagnosis

(The latest techniques of spectral analysis for early fault detection)

In complex electronic systems increases the requirements for reliability and dependability of operation of converters, which regulate and coordinate the working modes of different types of equipment. There is a need to diagnose the state of the inverter during operation.

Our team developed methods of diagnosis, based on the joint application of the theory of classification and wavelet analysis, to determine the degree of approximation converter to the current state of emergency. The proposed methods do not depend on the order scheme, the degree of complexity, there is not linear elements and suitable for use in various types of transformers. To reduce the amount of diagnostic performance values apply special time-frequency representation of the currents and voltages, resulting from the application of the spectral signals and wavelet transforms.


Multilayer boards analysis system

(The system is designed to restore the concepts of multi-layer printed circuit board without disconnecting it from the power supply)

Concept reconstruction problem by analyzing the circuit board can be solved in many ways. In the case of single or double-layer circuit board, to determine the direct electrical connection between the components is enough visually. Visual analysis of the circuit board can be carried out with disconnecting it from power, and without failure. However, there are cases where not all of the electrical connections can be visually identified and becomes necessary to remove the system board components. An alternative is to dismantle the use of modern measuring devices to determine the electrical connections. The disadvantage of this approach is the high probability of a false definition of the electrical connections and the need to turn off the circuit board from the power supply.


In the case of multilayer printed circuit boards problem is complicated by the presence of internal layers of the board, which can not be visually assessed without the use of specialized equipment (for example, X-ray machine with a higher resolution) or destructive methods. The presence of the inner layers increases the number of visually inaccessible bonds so much that their detection by existing measuring devices (for example, the meter in the tester mode) becomes very time-consuming task requiring considerable time. In addition, when analyzing the board, connected to a power source, there may be false results, in order to avoid that double-connect the meter to provide a different polarity.

Therefore, to solve the problem of recovering multilayer boards under voltage requires a special hardware-software complex, which will reduce the time of analysis of the PCB through the use of optimal software algorithms and provide the required accuracy of the result.


Modem for communication over power lines wiring

(Used in organizing sensor networks, home and industrial automation)

Designed modem uses power line wiring to transmit digital data between data collection devices, actuators, and control and interface devices to a PC. Scheme modem and its construction is designed to minimize its size, the number of discrete components used and simplify its assembly. Using the electrical wiring allows to link the parts of the electronic system without the use of additional radio and laying of communication cables. There is a possibility of hidden data, redundant communication channels, providing communication in remote places.

This modem uses Narrowband Powerline Communication technology (NPLC) and the type of modulation Frequency Shift Keying (FSK). The center frequency is 132 kHz. Signals corresponding to the bit “0” and “1” are orthogonal and their carrier frequency differ by only 4 kHz, which can greatly simplify the input filter circuit.


Smart sensors

(Special platform for intelligent sensors)

Our team of experts developed a new miniature platform for intelligent sensors and building sensor networks. type sensors used in the sensors can be any – temperature, humidity, pressure, illumination, etc. We have set ourselves the task of ensuring maximum versatility.

For example, the following features are provided:

  • low power consumption;
  • exchange data over multiple interfaces (USB, RS-485, 1-Wire at all.);
  • powered by different sources (battery or external power supply). Perhaps as an increase or decrease in the voltage of the source. There is a switching regulator;
  • saving (caching) data collected on-board sensor memory. Advantageously, when there is no need to be continually connected;
  • connect radio transmitters (ZigBee, BlueTooth, etc.)
  • and connection module (modem) connection for the power wiring (see clause 7 “modem for communicating over the power wiring lines.”);
  • independent onboard real time clock;
  • connect an external LCD display;
  • Connection buttons;
  • connection of additional sensors (temperature, humidity, pressure, lighting, etc.).

Broadband and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)

(Application of the new spectral transformations for improving noise immunity and increase communication channels)

The developed technology has dedicated to increasing the noise immunity of communication in remote control and monitoring system. Increased noise immunity is achieved through the use of technology transfer spreading remote control industrial equipment signal by direct digital sequence (DSSS).

For the first time to ensure interference-free transmission of data signals in the conversion used remote control functions in discrete systems-oriented basis. Transformation also allows to build new CDMA communication system with a larger number of channels as compared to the known systems based on Walsh transform.


The software package NetAdmin

(Management of computer clubs and Internet cafes)

Network Administrator – system for managing computers and accounting in an internet cafe or computer club.

The system allows you fully automate the work of the administrator, and has the following features:

  1. Simple and intuitive interface, shell for clients, automatic blocking of computers at the end of paid time.
  2. Automatic calculation of the cost of services.
  3. Accounting services and tariffs, discounts for users.
  4. Mode “night” prepaid.
  5. The ability to manage client computers (view active tasks, shutdown, restart, issuing messages, start programs).
  6. Reporting to the head, the ability to convert HTML reports and sending them to the e-mail.
  7. Built in the NAT, proxy, registration and restriction of access to the Internet.
  8. The possibility of pre-payment for services and posleoplaty. Warning about the expiration of a client of the paid time for 1 and 5 minutes.
  9. Creating tariffs depending on time of day, day of the week on the number of hours purchased.


The software package Friendly Seats

(up to 8 workplaces from one computer)

Friendly Seats – is a software that allows you to work up to 8 users with one computer at the same time and independently of each other. New jobs are organized on the computer by connecting to the system unit of additional monitors, keyboards and mice. Using Friendly Seats, reduces power consumption, noise, significantly saving space, convenient to administer the system. And most importantly – significantly saving money!