History of the department of industrial electronics

History of the Industrial Electronics Department goes to the fifties, when Technical Electronics (TE) Department and the Physics of Dielectrics Department (which later changed its name to “Dielectrics and Semiconductors” (chair prof. Nekrasov Mikhail Kravchuk) were organized  in the National Technical University of Ukraine ” Polytechnic Institute”, then Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. The TE department was established in KPI by prof. Vishnevsky Adolf Ivanovich in 1951. Course on ionic and electronic devices prof. Wisniewski gave even earlier – in 1944, when he began working at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Almost simultaneously, in the years 1947-1948 serious research in the field of power transforming technology was started in the KPI by prof. Chyzhenko Ivan Myronovych. Later these works found implementation in the economy and in 1962 were awarded with the Lenin Prize.


The first staff of Technical Electronics Department (TE) in 1951 was as follows: head of the department – prof. Wisniewski A.I. assistants – Anatoly Stepanovich Bondarev and Buhovtseva Valentyna Andriivna. In late 1951, Svyechnikov Sergey Vasylovych joined them (currently he is the  Director of NASU Institute of Semiconductor Physics, NASU  Academician). Later, the department changed its name to Electronic and Ionic Devices.

Both TE and FD departments and Metallurgical Department of faculty of  metallurgy who trained engineers specializing in Physics of Metal (PF) were part of the newly established (in 1948) Engineering Physics Faculty which deans were assoc. prof. Kostenko G.M., and later prof. Kalnibolotskyy M.L. Head of the Metallurgy Department at that time was the academician of ASU Svechnikov Vasiliy, and much later on its base in 1975 the independent Physics of Metal Department was formed, headed  by prof. Bilotskyy Alexey until1991, and from 1991 by prof. Sergei Sidorenko. Metallurgy and Physics of Metal Departments produced many outstanding professionals – academics, business and institutions leaders.

The first students joined  Engineering Physics Department in 1948 in three specialties (TE, FD, MF). As a result of the great contest the most gifted and talented young people were enrolled in the first course. Many graduates of the first and subsequent years became outstanding experts, prominent scientists. Top graduates were left to work in the KPI. They have become leading experts and working in the KPI up to nowadays. They are heads of departments, professors, Ph.D. Valentin Abakumov, Stanislav Denbnovetskyy, Yuri Zinkovsky, Yuri Kalnibolotsky, Anatoly Petrenko, Yuri  Synekop and associate Vitaliy Tihonovich, Ivan Klyetchenkov, Yuri Kobtsev.

In February 1952 Engineering Physics Department suddenly for everyone who worked on it was disbanded. TE and FD Departments were transferred to the Faculty of Radioelectronics and Metallurgy Department was assigned to the Faculty of Metallurgy. Later, with the appearing of of a number of departments on the Metallurgy Department that trained specialists of engineering and physical profile, the department was renamed the Engineering Physics (the lost the name of 1952 was revived).

Industrial Electronics (IE )Specialty was first formed by prof. Israel Kaganov in the Moscow Energy Institute (MEI) in 1954, and in the KPI – on the Electronic and Ionic Devices Department in 1956. IE Specialty  was formed by Associate Professor Svechnikov S.V., who went to work at the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in 1962.

In June 1962, the Electron and Ion Devices Department was organized as profiling for IE Department. Associate Professor Rudenko V.S. was chosen as the head of the department by competition (Order № 429 from 18.07.1962r.).

The Electronic and Ionic Devices Department was divided into two equal parts. As a result assoc. prof. Tetelbaum Y.I., assoc. prof. Petrenko A.I., assistants – Abakumov V.G., Budnyak A.A., Vakulenko E.M., Wilczynski R., Kalnibolotskyy Y.M., Radchenko I.A., Semenov L.D., Smeshko V.F., Fesechko V.A., Tchaikovsky O.O., Shmyrova L.M., head of the laboratory Zakharov M.A., PhD students – Denbnovetskyy S.V., Zaborowski Y.O. were included to the PE Department. Later, in 1963, due to the increased pedagogical load department the best KPI graduates of different specialties were invited as an assistants: Bobin V.V., Yelizarenko G.N., Zinchenko V.Y., Kapshuk A.A., Senko V.I., Usikov V.A.