Defense of MSc dissertations at the Department of Electronic Devices and System of National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Today 4 students from China have represented their work:

1. Cheng Xuan,

"Stepper motor with remote control on ESP32",

scientific supervisor Dr. Yevgen Verbitsky

2. Chen Zunyu,

"Monitoring systems of industrial equipment",

scientific supervisor Dr. Olexander Bondarenko

3. Wen Meng

"Intelligent biometric home climate monitoring system",

scientific supervisor Hanna Saryboga,

technical consultant - Prof. Julia Yamnenko

4. Zhang Yinghui

"Cloud services for analysis and control of smart house",

scientific supervisor Prof. Julia Yamnenko,

technical consultant - Hanna Saryboga

Two of today's graduates - Wen Meng and Zhang Yinghui - are the winners of international student contest in Moldova in 2022 for the project "Multifunctional bathroom device". They also submitted the paper to International conference.
Two of students - Wen Meng and Cheng Xuan - are going to continue their study at PhD level.
We wish all our graduates to be successful in professional and personal growth!