The automated wood drying system

(provides automatic drying wood, timber condition monitoring, energy savings, remote management over the Internet)

We have developed an automated system for drying wood, allowing to reduce the duration of the drying process without degrading the quality of the wood.

System features:

  • drying in a short time;
    Continuous monitoring of the status of timber in the stack, allows you to change the rate of drying, depending on the actual speed of drying lumber
  • energy savings;
    Drying unique algorithm to optimize the energy consumption for the type of wood and thickness, which is in chamber
  • eliminate the  «human factor»;

Our dry kilns operate on the principle of THREE steps:

► LOADING camera; ► WORK of automation; ► UNLOADING camera;

This minimizes the «human factor»  and eliminates the need to attract highly qualified personnel

  • extending the life of the actuators of the drying chamber
    Intelligent control of the drying chamber actuators combined with good protection – can increase equipment life 3-4 times!
  • fully automated drying process
  • The system requires no operator intervention. There are built-in programs for all types of wood.
  • Monitoring parameters of the drying process and the performance of the actuators on a remote PC from anywhere in the world via the Internet. Creating reports for the selected period.
  • Measurement of humidity and temperature specific integrated circuit.
  • Thermal and overcurrent protection for each motor. Protection against phase loss and imbalance, raising and lowering the supply voltage.
  • The separation in time of motors starting points
    (Reduces the load on the grid at the time of start of the drying process)