PhD student

Liubov Klepach


PhD student

Thesis title:  «Managing power consumption on cost criteria in MicroGrid»

Annotation: Choosing an alternative source for network MicroGrid object depends on the purpose that relates to the system. To ensure maximum profit from the use of the system power supply choice during planning should be based on cost criteria, which will select the best option in terms of total revenue from its use. An important factor for maximizing profits from the operation of the system is guaranteed power algorithms and principles of management systems converters power supplies. The work is dedicated to the creation of guidelines for electricity market based on alternative sources of electricity.

Thesis supervisor: Tereshchenko T. O.

Year of admission : 2016

Pavlo Buchek


PhD student

Thesis title:  «The system of forecasting energy fotobatareyi in SmartGrid»

Annotation: In connection with the annual increase in the capacity of alternative energy sources in many developed countries at present this index is ten percent of the total power mains. Given the volatile and unpredictable nature of alternative energy, including PV, there is a need in the prediction of the electricity supply. This contributes to the stability of power supply loads of distributed generation, increasing the allowable power consumption capacity of alternative energy sources and improving the quality of solar power network through timely compensation power change additional energy sources. That is why the study on improving forecasting system of PV energy is important.

Thesis supervisor: Yamnenko Y. S.

Year of admission : 2016

Dmitriy Kuzin 


PhD student

Thesis title:  «Improving the energy performance of transformers and harmonic modular structure»

Annotation: The modular principle is widely used to build converters of various types, including multilevel inverters, rectifiers, pulse converters DC. The advantage of the modular structure of the transducers is the union of a number of identical cells converting relatively low power to achieve high values ​​of current (voltage). The modular structure of converters provides improved waveform current or voltage, increased flexibility restructuring converter. Provides a high level of unification of design, increases reliability of the converter by reserving cells.

         The main directions of further improvement of modular converters are:

  1. Minimizing energy losses on the elements of the transducer and energy efficiency of the converter as  a whole.
  2. The reduction in THD plural inverters by developing principles of construction of power circuits           multilevel inverters based on spectral orthogonal transformation of discrete functions with m     argument.

Thesis supervisor: Tereshchenko T. O.

Year of admission : 2016



Oleksandr Kaloshyn


PhD Student

Thesis title: Increasing the reliability of the converters with a modular structure for micro resistance welding.

Annotation: One of the most important characteristics of any electronic device is its reliability. Correct valuation of reliability is of fundamental importance when designing equipment of special purpose, which has a unique complex circuitry and high cost. Improvement of the basic technical characteristics of such devices is usually associated with enhancement of their circuit complexity and algorithm of work. Thus, research toward evaluation of the reliability of functioning electronic converter device with modular structure and finding paths of its increase is undoubtedly relevant.

Thesis supervisor: Oleksandr Bondarenko

Year of admission: 2016