Pre-university training

pre-university training system includes:

  • pre-study courses shall exercise enhanced training of the competitive disciplines, oriented to the demands of specific faculties (accepted disciples 10-11th classes, tuition paid),
  • externship, which carries a flexible mix of full-time and distance learning, training provides an opportunity to join the University regardless of place of residence (accepted disciples 10-11th classes, tuition paid),
  • offices of lyceum and specialized classes that conducts fundamental training of pupils on the basis of leading lyceum, gymnasium, schools on the base Faculty of Pre-Study Courses (FPSC) (with the relevant agreements).
  • preparatory department that carries stationary training of young people who have secondary education (tuition fee).
  • to attract talented young people from colleges and technical schools the working of organizations at NTUU “KPI” educational research and production complexes together with specialized institutions are carried out.

There are 18 educational research and production complexes , composed of 58 institutes, colleges and technical schools, and the education is provided by integrated curricula. The conditions specified in the agreement may enrol graduates of educational institutions for further study by special programs with shorter term training specialists or 2-3 courses to supplement academic groups.

pre-university training is fulfilled by:

  • Institute for Monitoring Educational Quality of NTUU ” KPI” and its branches in the leading educational institutions of Ukraine.
  • Faculty of pre-university training of ESC ” IASA ” NTUU ” KPI”.
  • Faculty of pre-university training of IPT NTUU ” KPI”.
  • Technical lyceum of NTUU ” KPI”.
  • Linguistic and Natural Lyceum “Intelligence”.
  • Educational and scientific productive complexes.
  • Centre for testing and monitoring of knowledge.

Pre-university training of foreign students is carried by the Centre for International Education at the preparatory departments. Study is conducted in three languages: Ukrainian, English and Russian (optional). Classes are held from September to June. Courses prepare for entering the university. After completing the course you must pass the exam. The educational program of this course provides students with the source knowledge of the Ukrainian / Russian language.

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