Admissions Information on Bachelor level

Students admission is based on the results of testing on the basis of the Contract signed by the University administration with the applicant or any other physical or juridical persons; admission is possible on the basis of international agreements by letters of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
Requirements to Applicants:
Age at the entrance moment – 25 years old (for postgraduates – 35);
Secondary education;
Satisfactory level of health.

Duration of studying

Pre-admission department – 1 year;
Bachelor – 4 years;
Specialist – 1,5 years after Bachelor programme;
Master – 2 years after Bachelor programme;
Doctor of Philosophy – 3 years (after obtaining MSc diploma);
Doctor of Sciences – 3 years (after obtaining PhD diploma).

Documents required for admission:
– translation of the first page of passport into Ukrainian
– secondary education certificate with subjects and marks for subjects and its translation into Russian or Ukrainian;
– medical certificate confirming AID absence;
– medical health certificate, confirmed by an official Health Protection Board of the country the applicant came from. This document is to be issued not later than two months before the student arrives at Ukraine;
– a copy of Birth Certificate;
– 10 photos 60×40 mm;
– A return ticket with the open home return date for one year term;
– Passport (shall be presented personally).

Documents mentioned in clauses 2,4,5 must be verified according to the legislation of the country they were granted in, legalized and authenticated under the established procedure, if nothing else is contemplated by the international treaties of Ukraine.
Foreign citizens are enrolled to NTUU “KPI” on a competitive basis by results of entrance examination in the form of interview.
Receiving entry visa
For receiving entry visa for studying in Ukraine candidates have to send a request to The Embassy of Ukraine in their own or foreign country by filling in application form for getting entry visa for studying in Ukraine and enclosing University invitation.
Receiving the invitation for study
Candidates have to fill in application form and send it on e-mail ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ); or fax-number +380 (44) 406-86-59 to Center of International Education with a request for entering University. Application form you may found here.
After receiving the university consent to study in Ukraine, candidates have to transfer 65$ to University foreign currency account or Center cash account for invitation preparation. After all these procedures the invitation to study in Ukraine will be drawn up..