Meeting of the EPS Department #24 (2023-2024)

On Wednesday, 10 April at 16:00 offline (with the possibility of remote connection), in aud. 406-12, a meeting of the EPS department №24 will be held

It is also possible to join the department's meeting via Google Meet (connection details on the departmental Telegram channel)


1. On the admission of 4th year bachelor's and 3rd year accelerated students to the additional session.
Speaker: Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Serhii TUGAI.

2. On the nomination of candidates to participate in the competition for the position of rector.
Speaker: Head of the Department, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Yevhen VERBYTSKYI.

3. Pre-diploma internship for 3rd and 4th year bachelors.
Speaker: Associate Professor, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Elena ABAKUMOVA.

4. About the scientific seminar "Application of blockchain technology for organising mutual settlements for electricity in Smartgrid".
Speaker: 1st year master student, Bohdan PUKHNO

5. About the scientific seminar "Improving the accuracy of forecasting the output power of a solar power plant using clustering".
Speaker: 2nd year master student, Yegor SEDLYAROV

6. Miscellaneous issues.