Meeting of the EPS Department #25 (2022-2023)

On Wednesday, 21 June at 16:00 offline (with the possibility of remote connection in Google Meet) in the auditorium 406-12, a meeting of the EPS department №25 will be held


1. Admission to the additional session of students who are not admitted to the main session.
Speaker: Serhiy TUHAY.

2. Report of the 1st year masters.
Speakers: Arsen ASATRYAN, Yuriy BYKOV, Oleksiy HLUBENOK, Volodymyr HRYSHCHUK, Bohdan KOLESNYK, Daniil KUZNETSOV, Pavlo KUSHNIR, Vladyslav MAKSYMENKO, Vitaliy MARHARA,  Vitaliy RUDYK, Illya CHERED'KO.

3. Analysis of the ranking of the Scientific and Pedagogical Staff of the Department in the "Electronic Campus" system for the academic year 2022-2023.
Speaker: Yevhen VERBYTS'KYY.

4. Results of checking diploma theses for plagiarism.
Speakers: Oleh BEVZA, Pavlo SAFRONOV.

5. Miscellaneous issues