Multilayer boards analysis system

(The system is designed to restore the concepts of multi-layer printed circuit board without disconnecting it from the power supply)

Concept reconstruction problem by analyzing the circuit board can be solved in many ways. In the case of single or double-layer circuit board, to determine the direct electrical connection between the components is enough visually. Visual analysis of the circuit board can be carried out with disconnecting it from power, and without failure. However, there are cases where not all of the electrical connections can be visually identified and becomes necessary to remove the system board components. An alternative is to dismantle the use of modern measuring devices to determine the electrical connections. The disadvantage of this approach is the high probability of a false definition of the electrical connections and the need to turn off the circuit board from the power supply.


In the case of multilayer printed circuit boards problem is complicated by the presence of internal layers of the board, which can not be visually assessed without the use of specialized equipment (for example, X-ray machine with a higher resolution) or destructive methods. The presence of the inner layers increases the number of visually inaccessible bonds so much that their detection by existing measuring devices (for example, the meter in the tester mode) becomes very time-consuming task requiring considerable time. In addition, when analyzing the board, connected to a power source, there may be false results, in order to avoid that double-connect the meter to provide a different polarity.

Therefore, to solve the problem of recovering multilayer boards under voltage requires a special hardware-software complex, which will reduce the time of analysis of the PCB through the use of optimal software algorithms and provide the required accuracy of the result.

Our team developed a new system that includes:

  • unit to check the electrical connections (Can be used independently);
  • specialized software for the personal computer (Interacts with a block check the electrical connection, thereby providing a much more rapid and convenient process recovery circuitry than with existing devices).

Work multilayer PCB analysis system, under voltage, based on the verification of the electrical connection between all the elements of conclusions of the board on the optimal algorithm analyzes all the possible connections.