Adjustable DC voltage ADPS-15

(DC power supply circuits and active-active nature of the inductive voltage of 50 to 150 V)

Adjustable DC power supply ADPS-15 is designed to supply direct current circuits active and active-inductive (incandescent, fluorescent lamps with throttle power, starters, DC motors, etc.), with voltage of 50 to 150 V (set by the operator) . In the case of power loads with a capacitive character on the input, you may need to install the device on an output LC filters.


  Supply voltage   three phase, ~ 380 ± 10%, 50Hz
  Output voltage   = 50…150 V
  Output current   = 50…100 А
  Mode   long
  Type of control   manual
  Ripple factor   <5%
  Operating temperature range   -10 … + 45 С
  Storage temperature   -25 … + 55 С
  Relative humidity   <75%
  Instrument weight   <25 kg
  Dimensions   480х480х200 mm

The security module provides:

a) overvoltage protection at the output of the device;

b) protection against overcurrent device;

c) protection against overheating of the power unit.

Display system provides a display of parameters:

a) output voltage of the device in volts;

b) output current device in amperes;

c) protection tripped.