Broadband and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)

(Application of the new spectral transformations for improving noise immunity and increase communication channels)

The developed technology has dedicated to increasing the noise immunity of communication in remote control and monitoring system. Increased noise immunity is achieved through the use of technology transfer spreading remote control industrial equipment signal by direct digital sequence (DSSS).

For the first time to ensure interference-free transmission of data signals in the conversion used remote control functions in discrete systems-oriented basis. Transformation also allows to build new CDMA communication system with a larger number of channels as compared to the known systems based on Walsh transform.

A new method of assessing the impact of interference from semiconductor converters of electric energy on the quality of the transmission of remote control signals over power lines. Proposed new transmission of remote control equipment for industrial power line signaling system for synchronous and asynchronous control for single-channel, multi-channel and combined schemes.

The technology used in the prototype system of noise-proof remote powerline, which is designed to control power converters in the power system with three-phase rectifier and photogenerators.