Пані наука/Lady Science

Public organization “Lady Science”

Full name: Association of women professionals in technical sciences “Lady Science”

Date of establishment: 11March 2001

Legal status: Non profit making, NGO


is a voluntary non-political non-government structure.

Goal of its activity – protection of social, economic, creative, age, national, cultural, sport and other common interests of fund’s member. Lady Science helps for the students, PhD students, scientists, and lecturers in creative self-actualization, professional and scientific growth. The organization collaborates with scientists of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, higher education organizations, researchers in Ukraine and worldwide.

Public organization “Lady Science” is the organizer and financial co-sponsor of the following scientific and technical conferences:

  1. IEEE Conference on Intellectual Energy and Power Systems (IEPS) – 2014, 2016 http://ieps.kpi.ua/
  2. IEEE Conference on Electronics and Nanotechnology (ElNano) – 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 http://www.elnano.kpi.ua/?index&lang=ru
  3. International Conference “Problems of Present-Day Electrotechnics” – 2002, 004, 2006, 2008, 2010 http://ppe.kpi.ua/
  4. International Conference “Smart Technologies in Power Engineering and Electronics” – 2016, 2017 http://smart-ee.kpi.ua/

Contact details

Postal address: 56 Peremohy ave., Kyiv,  03057, Ukraine
Telephone number: Country code + city code + number +380442048293
Mobile: Country code +  number +380930510180
Fax number: Country code + city code + number +380442362117
Contact person for this action : Julia Yamnenko
Contact person’s e-mail address: petergerya@yahoo.com
E-mail address  of the Organisation lady_science@yahoo.com
Website of the organisation: http://fel.kpi.ua/ls



Gender equality for women in technical university

Seminars for technically-oriented women